Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Swedish 'sex pastor' faces new probe

A Swedish pastor on probation for having sex with a teen girl in his congregation has come in for new scrutiny following additional reports of sexual relations with young girls and alleged plans to publish his escapades in a book.

In the meantime, however, the Church of Sweden pastor from suburban Stockholm has been allowed to continue his work despite the accusations that he sexually abused several girls of his congregation, as well as sent them sexually explicit emails and images.

Life sentence sought for ‘Lucie’ murder

The prosecution is seeking life imprisonment for a 28-year-old unemployed chef accused of brutally murdering Lucie Trezzini, a 16-year-old au pair, in his apartment in Rieden (Aargau) three years ago.


The man, previously arrested for attempting to strangle a woman, lured the girl to his home on March 4th, 2012 by promising her 500 francs ($546) for jewellery photos.

He is alleged to have had sex with the girl before bashing her in the skull with a barbell and slitting her throat with a knife.

Norwegian held over Thai 'body parts' find

A 50-year-old Norwegian man whose girlfriend disappeared without trace in 2009 was arrested in Thailand on Tuesday after police found a firearm and what they believed to be human remains during a massive raid on his home.

Mother and son, five, found dead in family home sparks police investigation

A mother and her five-year-old son were found dead at a flat in Edinburgh last night in what police have described 'suspicious circumstances'.

The woman has been named locally as Michelle Weston and the boy as Leon.

They were discovered inside their home by a relative at around 5pm.
Paramedics tried to revive Leon but it was too late to save him.

Policeman kills himself after shooting another cop outside a Starbucks... and it may have been over the mysterious relationship between the shooter's wife and target

A police officer who shot another cop before killing himself may have been driven to the shootings by a 'relationship' between his victim and his wife.

Hamilton police Sgt. Kenneth Nagy, 43, shot Beverly police Officer Jason Lantych, 36, in the leg and wrist on Friday outside a busy Starbucks, before returning to the scene a few hours later to commit suicide with a gunshot to the head.

District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said that his office will investigate the relationship between Lantych, who is recovering in hospital and the shooter's wife, Katie Nagy, 32, who works as a victim advocate in the Beverly Police Department's domestic violence unit.

Mother 'drowned her son, aged 3, in the bath to stop his father from winning custody'

A mother with a history of drug abuse drowned her son in the bath to make sure his father didn’t win a custody battle over him.

Amanda Smith, 33, killed 3-year-old Jacob, called 911 and then sprung out of a closet swinging an axe at a police officer who arrived at her home in Indianapolis.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Department received two 911 calls shortly after 9 p.m., one from Smith stating that her son was dead and another from Smith's mother, 'advising that her daughter told her that she had done something to her child that could not be undone.'

Four dead and more injured, trapped and missing as tornadoes tear through Midwest

Four people died and many more were injured, trapped or missing after powerful tornadoes tore through the Midwest early Wednesday.

The storms pummeled the resort city of Branson, Missouri, laid waste to small town in Kansas and wrought damage across Illinois, Nebraska and Kentucky.

An apparent twister rolled through Branson just before 1am and seemed to hopscotch up the city's main roadway, ripping roofs off hotels and damaging some of the city's famed music theaters dangerously close to the start of the heavy tourism season. More than 30 people were reported hurt, mostly with cuts and bruises.

Teenage girl bought knives from Argos and used Facebook to orchestrate Tube station gang fight in front of horrified commuters that left boy, 15, stabbed to death

A teenage girl was today found guilty of being the ringleader behind the savage killing of a 15-year-old boy in front of horrified commuters at a London tube station.

Victoria Osoteku, 19, was caught on CCTV at Victoria station kicking Sofyen Belamouadden in the head as he lay dying on the ground after the 10-second attack by rival school pupils.

Sofyen was stabbed nine times to the body and suffered wounds to his heart, a lung and major blood vessels.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

China says at least 12 killed in Xinjiang riot

BEIJING (AP) – At least 12 people were killed in riots Tuesday near the Chinese city of Kashgar in the restive northwestern region of Xinjiang, state media reported.

No details were given about what might have set off the violence, although Xinjiang see periodic outbreaks of anti-government violence by restless members of the region's native Turkish Muslim Uighur ethnic group.

The Xinhua News Agency said rioters armed with knives attacked victims in Yecheng county outside the city starting at about 6 p.m. They killed 10 people and police shot two assailants to death, the report said.

Gunmen 'kill three policemen' in north Nigeria

Gunmen killed three policemen when they hurled explosives and opened fire on a police station in restive northern Nigeria, the latest attack blamed on an Islamist group, residents said Tuesday.

Zurich cops probe bizarre tram death

Zurich police are investigating an unexplained death after making a macabre find in a streetcar tunnel on Monday night.

An employee of the VBZ public transport authority discovered the body of a man in the tunnel shortly before 7pm, city police reported.

The initial findings suggest the man was struck by a streetcar but it is not clear how he wound up in the tunnel.

According to an autopsy, a tram crushed the victim in the late afternoon.

Two children die from scarf strangling

Two children, in separate incidents, were discovered dead in their bedrooms on Monday. Both were found hanging with scarves around their necks.

The death of a seven-year-old girl was discovered on Monday morning in the southern village of Sanilhac (Gard).


A second child was discovered dead in the southern Paris suburb of Villejuif on Monday.

The 12-year-old boy was also found hanging with a scarf around his neck.

Police were investigating both cases to discover whether they were accidents or incidents of the dangerous but popular "fainting game".

The "jeu du foulard", as it is known in France, involves strangulation to achieve a 'high' without drugs or alcohol.

Gunmen kill 16 Shiite Muslims in sectarian violence

MANSEHRA, Pakistan — Gunmen wearing military uniforms stopped a convoy of buses in northern Pakistan on Tuesday, ordered selected passengers to get off and then killed 16 of them in an apparent sectarian attack, the police and a lawmaker said.

Jesus cancer claim appals family

A church in Napier which claims to have members recently healed of cancer has disgusted a local family by erecting a billboard stating "Jesus heals cancer" on its wall.

The sign was erected last week at the Equippers Church in Tamatea, and the church last night added to it a tally of six, the number of people it claims have been healed.

Boyfriend of husband killer 'thought he was invincible'

Harold Bacon knew his girlfriend Linda Darnice Dorsey had served time in prison for shooting her husband to death in 1987, but he told his roommate he could handle her hot temper.

After all, Bacon had a rap sheet, too. A stocky truck driver with a sex offender record and a reputation as a macho ladies' man, Bacon boasted that he'd survived being shot five times by an ex-wife, his roommate Terry Alexander said. This time Bacon wasn't so lucky.

Police say Dorsey shot and killed Bacon, 64, at her home in the 6200 block of Batterson about 1 a.m. Saturday. She was charged in his killing Sunday and is being held in the Harris County Jail.

This is at least the third time a lover's quarrel involving Dorsey - a 55-year-old, pistol-packing ex-convict - ended in gunplay.

Woman held for killing mother over 'nutritional breakfast' argument

Police found Tami lying on the floor, bleeding from the neck, She was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead a short time later.

Reimi was quoted by police as saying that her mother had been complaining about the breakfasts she made, saying they lacked nutritional balance. Police quoted Reimi as saying she got tired of arguing with her mother about it and finally killed her, TV Asahi reported.

2 dogs found shot in New Bedford

NEW BEDFORD, Mass.—Police and animal welfare officials are investigating what is being called the execution-style shootings of two dogs found in a New Bedford industrial park.

The Chihuahua and golden retriever had been reported missing by their owners about a month ago and were found on Feb. 13 by a pedestrian.

Croydon man 'flipped' and strangled wife over affair

A man strangled his wife after she confessed to an affair, the Old Bailey has heard.

Gary Brockwell told police he "flipped" after his childhood sweetheart Gaynor, 46, said she was leaving him for another man.

Mr Brockwell, of Court Wood Lane, Croydon, south London, denies murder but admits manslaughter on the grounds of lack of intent and loss of control.

From an innocent schoolboy to a killer handed 25 years in jail: Life behind bars for the 14-year-old murderer tried as an adult

While his peers are enjoying weekends hanging out at parks or malls, Paul Gingerich spends his days locked in a cell with a steel door and razor-sharp wire obscuring the view from his window.

The 14-year-old moved to Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility, Indiana's maximum-security jail for children, two years ago for his part in the fatal shooting of his friend's stepfather.

Sentenced to 25 years behind bars, he was sent to the facility where he sleeps on a mattress on a concrete slab and was given snacks from a vending machine for his birthday.

Boy, 14, shoots his mother dead as she slept after she tried to keep him away from a gang

A 14-year-old boy shot his mother 'at least ten times' as she slept on the couch, it has today emerged.

The teen, named by family members as Joshua Smith, from east Detroit, allegedly unleashed a hail of bullets on Tamiko Robinson, 36, in the early hours of Monday morning, according to a police spokesman.

Smith, who was on the swimming team at Kettering High School, was said to be angry that his mother had tried to keep him off the streets and away from a gang.

'Retarded' killer who hacked his mother to bloody pieces after 'years of sexual abuse' set for execution Wednesday

In 1984, Robert Moormann confessed to smothering his mother while free from prison for a family visit and, standing naked in a hotel room, 'dissecting' her and hacking her body to bloody pieces.

But as his execution Wednesday draws near, the story of one of the most infamous and heinous murders in Arizona history has become even darker and more bizarre.

Moormann's lawyers claim the 63-year-old killer is mentally retarded and has the intellect and emotional capacity of a small child.

Furthermore, they argue, the attack was provoked by years of sexual abuse by his mother Maude Moormann -- even while he was in prison.

'Exceptional student', 18, depressed because of severe acne hanged herself after being 'let down' by doctors

A grammar school girl hanged herself after spiralling into depression because of severe acne, an inquest has heard.

Melissa Martin-Hughes, 18, who was predicted to get three A*s in her A-levels, had been taking the controversial drug Roaccutane for her condition.

It has been blamed for numerous cases of depression and suicide.
Miss Martin-Hughes began self-harming after suffering ‘dark episodes’ from the age of 14 when she developed ‘severe acne’ on her face and upper body, the inquest was told yesterday.

Parents banned from classroom after one mother 'stabs another in the forehead'

A primary school classroom became a ‘bloodbath’ after a mother allegedly stabbed another in the forehead.

Unemployed Serafina Elliot, 39, of Brixton, south London, was arrested after the incident at Fenstanton Primary School in Tulse Hill, south London.

Shocked witnesses described the attack, which headmistress Sally Hindle called a ‘very serious disagreement’ between two mothers - and which took place in front of horrified pupils last Wednesday morning.

Grandmother killed in freak accident as driver suffers coughing fit and hits road sign which falls on her head

A grandmother on her way to her granddaughter's Christening was killed in a freak accident when a driver suffered a coughing fit.

Veronica Hartley, 65, was standing with her husband John on a pavement in Plymouth, Devon, when Roy Pellett crashed his car.

Pellett had suffered from a severe coughing fit and closed his eyes momentarily as he swerved into the cycle lane.

He then hit a sign and the top of it fell off hitting Mrs Hartley on the head causing catastrophic injuries, killing her instantly.

'Die all of you': The rantings of 'Ohio school gunman posted weeks before brutal cafeteria spree' as second classmate dies

The teenage killer who allegedly shot two students dead at his high school and left another three injured posted a chilling note on his Facebook page just weeks before yesterday's shooting.

Daniel Parmertor, 16, died on Monday morning when TJ Lane, 17, went on a rampage in a school in Cleveland, Ohio, police said. A second boy, Russell King Jr, 17, died from his wounds this morning.

Lane, whom classmates at Chardon High School described as a bullied outcast, ranted on Facebook about 'a man with a frown. No job. No family. No crown. His luck had run out. Lost and alone.

'Now! Feel death, not just mocking you. Not just stalking you but inside of you. Wriggle and writhe. Feel smaller beneath my might. Seizure in the Pestilence that is my scythe. Die, all of you.'

Teenager who attacked pensioner bragged on Facebook that he 'got a buzz' from sound of blood hitting a bus window

A teenager who attacked an elderly man bragged on Facebook that he 'got a buzz' from the sound of blood spattering against a bus window.

Daniel Blyth, 18, punched and headbutted the defenceless 71-year-old in a 'relentless' and unprovoked attack, Bolton Magistrates' Court heard.

Blyth admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and criminal damage and was remanded for sentencing.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Rollins Band - Liar

Abysmal Grief - The Arrival of the Worm

Balaclava-clad child killer jailed for life

A paedophile who snuck into youth camps and boarding schools to sexually abuse dozens of boys – and murdered three of them – was jailed for life by a German court on Monday – 20 years after he first struck.

53-year-old woman found beaten to death inside southeast Houston house

HOUSTON – Police are investigating after a 53-year-old woman was found beaten to death inside her southeast Houston home.

Man shoots his family, kills himself

The final gunshot was the loudest.

It was crisp, startling, unmistakable, and it marked the end of a brutal Sunday afternoon rampage that left a 12-year-old girl dead after her father allegedly shot her, her older sister and her mother before he killed himself on the front lawn of the family's condominium in southwest Houston.

Woman charged in boyfriend's death

A 55-year-old woman has been charged with murder after she told detectives that she shot her boyfriend when he visited her home early Saturday morning, police said.

Linda Darnice Dorsey is in custody after confessing to shooting 64-year-old Harold Lewis Bacon, whom she called her boyfriend, in her northeast Houston home at 1 a.m on Saturday.

Bacon was found dead in the living room with gunshot wound to the head, according to police. Dorsey had called emergency services around 10 a.m. Saturday morning and initially told police that she woke up and found him dead, police said.

5 Students Hurt In Ohio School Shooting

(CNN) -- Five students were wounded when a gunman opened fire in the cafeteria of a suburban Cleveland high school just as the school day was beginning Monday, law enforcement officials said.

4-year-old boy beaten to death by mother's boyfriend

According to police, the suspect, identified as Ryuji Kawabe, was arrested for assault by police on Friday after allegedly punching the boy, Hayato Narita, in the face, TBS reported. The boy’s 22-year-old mother called an ambulance on Friday night after he fell unconscious. He was taken to hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Police: Man sought in Poconos slayings kills self

LAKE HARMONY, Pa. (AP) - February 26, 2012 (WPVI) -- Authorities in eastern Pennsylvania say a man being sought in the deaths of an elderly couple at a resort in the Pocono mountains shot and killed himself after a brief chase in another county.

Suicide car bomber kills nine in Afghanistan airport blast

A suicide car bomber killed nine people after striking at the gates of an Afghan airport - in an attack insurgents said was revenge for U.S. troops burning copies of the Koran.

This morning's explosion outside Jalalabad Airport comes after six days of deadly protests in Afghanistan over the disposal of Islamic texts in a burn pit last week at a U.S. military base north of the capital.

American officials have called the incident a mistake and issued a series of apologies. Afghan President Hamid Karzai has also urged calm, saying that Afghans should not let the insurgents capitalise on their indignation to spark violence.

Passenger tells of horror in Niagara Falls train derailment that killed three people and left dozens injured

At least three people were dead and dozens injured following a massive train derailment in Canada.

The passenger train was travelling from Niagara Falls to Toronto when it derailed near Burlington, Ontario.

The three people killed were all railroad employees riding in the locomotive at the front of the train when it came off the tracks, according to Canada's Via Rail spokeswoman Michelle Lamarche.

Husband arrested over wife's death claims 'five Japanese men broke into his home and raped and strangled her'

Police have arrested a man who claimed his wife had been raped and killed by five Japanese men.

The man, whom neighbours say is disabled, told officers he found his 43-year-old spouse dead on the living room floor in their home in Decatur, Georgia.

Police arrived at the home shortly after 2am and found blood on the living room floor and near the kitchen, a source told Channel 2 News.

This 'bum' brought a gun to jail to spring his girlfriend... and wound up behind bars himself

A drug-addled 'bum' brought a loaded handgun to a jail outside Philadelphia in an attempt to spring his girlfriend, who was locked up on a drunk and disorderly conduct charge.

But after a struggle with officers that left him looking a little worse for the wear, Kenneth Stewart, 22, wound up behind bars himself -- facing an attempted murder charge and $250,000 bail.

Even after police had him in custody, Stewart was so out of control, police tasered him to keep him from spitting blood at his jailers, according to authorities.

How jealousy drove 'psycho' teenager to brutally murder one of the only girls who was ever nice to her

Christine Paolilla was viciously bullied in high school over the outlandish wigs and messy drawn-on eyebrows she wore to hide the fact that she went bald as a young child.

When Tiffany Rowell and Rachael Koloroutis, two of the most popular girls at suburban Clear Lake High School outside Houston, Texas, befriended her, they made Paolilla into a new woman.

They taught her to dress and do her makeup. They helped her buy more attractive wigs. When they were done with her transformation, Paolilla was voted 'Miss Irresistible' by her class.

But police say a dark jealous streak drove 17-year-old Paolilla, along with her drug-addict boyfriend, to gun down Rowell and Koloroutis, both 18, along with Rowell's boyfriend and his cousin.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Three Shadow People...

Three Shadow People Terrify a Victim During an Episode of Sleep Paralysis

Mystery virus kills thousands of lambs

Thousands of lambs have been killed by a new virus that is threatening the survival of many British farms.

South Carolina man cut off accomplice's hand with polesaw in insurance fraud scheme, prosecutors say

A South Carolina man may want to think twice next time someone offers him a helping hand.

Gerald B. Hardin, 34, was charged with six crimes, including mail fraud after he, along with another suspect, allegedly cut off a person’s hand with a polesaw in May of 2008 so the three of them could collect an insurance payout.

The State reported that the man was transported to the hospital, where doctors were unsuccessful in re-attaching his hand.

The men received a payout of more than $670,000 from a homeowners policy and three other policies covering accidental death and dismemberment, according to the indictment.

Girl, 11, Dies After Fight With Fellow Student

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KTLA) -- An 11-year-old girl died Friday in Long Beach after fighting with another girl earlier that day.

Police say the fight happened after school ended Friday at Frances Willard Elementary School.

According to family members, Joanna Ramos and another 5th grade girl were fighting over a boy as other students watched in an alley next to the school.,0,684440.story

Mom beat child for not doing homework

WINTER PARK, Fla. - Winter Park police arrested a woman they said beat a 10-year-old for not doing homework.

Police said Gisela Pascual got upset when she found out the child did not complete a reading assignment for school.

Pascual used a belt and her hand to beat the child's legs, rear and back, police said.

15 killed in north China bus plunge

TAIYUAN - Fifteen people have been confirmed dead after a tourist bus plunged into a ravine Saturday morning in north China's Shanxi province, said local authorities.

Man shot to death after answering knock at back door

A Far South Side man was gunned down when he answered a knock on his door early Saturday morning.


Arnold was shot in the head, chest and ankle.

Man beaten with his own shotgun following two failed robbery attempts of provoked victims

This is the drunken robber who was left badly bruised after he was beaten with his own shotgun by passers-by.

John Columbus Beane, 58, appeared in a West Virginia county courtroom Friday admitting to two charges of first-degree robbery in November that ended with the butt of his own shotgun clubbed repeatedly into his face and head.

'Everything's kind of bits and pieces,' he told Kanawha County Judge Duke Bloom of his memory of the events, according to the Charleston Gazette.

John Columbus Beane, 58, admitting to two charges of first-degree robbery in November that ended with the butt of his own shotgun clubbed repeatedly into his face and head by his intended victims

Mom tricked family into believing her son, 7, had incurable disease 'so she could rake in thousands of dollars'

A mother who said her seven-year-old son had been diagnosed with an incurable disease was lying to rake in donations, her family has claimed.

Johnette Nation, from Oglethorpe County, Georgia, told friends and family - and the boy himself - that Nathan Leggett had just two months to live.

Claiming he was suffering from equine encephalitis - an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord - Nation asked for donations to fund treatment.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Suicide Race

The Suicide Race, also promoted as the World Famous Suicide Race, is a horse race held every year, during the second week of August, in Omak, Washington as a part of the Omak Stampede, a rodeo. Held for more than 70 years, the race is known for the portion of the race where horses and riders run down Suicide Hill, a 62-degree slope that runs for 225 feet (69 m) to the Okanogan River. Though the race was inspired by Indian endurance races, the actual Omak race was the 1935 brainchild of a local Omak business owner. The race has provoked serious concerns among animal welfare and animals rights groups.


The course starts at the top of Suicide Hill, where riders have 50 feet (15 m) to get their horses up to full speed before charging down the hill and into the river where they swim across to the other side, then sprint a last 500 yards (460 m) to the rodeo arena where the crowd waits. In August the river is often low enough for the horses to run across. Most riders wear helmets, and all are required to wear life jackets. Horses and riders have to pass three tests to demonstrate their ability to run in the race and navigate the river: there is an initial veterinarian exam to make sure the horse is physically healthy, a swim test to ensure horses can cross the river, and the hill test where riders ride their horses off the hill at a controlled speed to prove that the animals won't give way to fear at the brink, which can cause a dangerous pile-up.


12 killed in attack on north Nigeria city

GOMBE, Nigeria—An attack on a police station in northeastern Nigeria killed at least 12 people and wounded five others, authorities said Saturday, amid a growing wave of attacks by a radical Islamist sect.

6 Afghan police die while defusing bomb

Afghanistan's Ministry of Defense says six Afghan soldiers have been killed and 16 others wounded while trying to defuse a roadside bomb.

Africanized Bees Kill Mother of Eight

CANE GROVE, Guyana (KTLA) -- Authorities say Africanized bees are responsible for the death of a mother of eight.

47-year-old Munia Sanchara was attacked by a swarm of the aggressive bees while picking mangoes outside her home.

The woman was rushed to the hospital was declared dead upon arrival.,0,596044.story

Double Carjacking Suspect Killed in Hail of Bullets After Pursuit

The suspect wove his way around Hollywood, passing in the area of a pre-Oscar event at Hollywood and Highland.

After about an hour, he pulled into a Shell gas station at Wilshire Blvd. and Vermont Ave.

Officers quickly surrounded the car, and yelled for customers pumping gas to hit the ground.

"When he pulled out his revolver and pointed it at people inside the store, the officers took action, fired their rounds and the suspect expired at the scene," LAPD Cmdr. Andy Smith said.

More than a dozen shots were fired at the suspect's vehicle by the LAPD.

Thaopraseuth's lifeless body was later pulled from the car and covered, just feet from the front door of the gas station.,0,5705433.story

Burma's Punk Scene Fights Repression Underground

Despite signs of greater openness, Burma's government continues to wield an iron fist. Among its targets is the punk scene, whose bands are forced to play and practice in secret to avoid harsh punishments. Here, punk isn't a lifestyle. It is an act of genuine rebellion.,1518,817185,00.html

Man Found Guilty In Middletown Ax Slaying

A man whose own attorney admitted he killed a 70-year-old man during a burglary has been found guilty.

Victor Gantt was arrested last year for the death of Leroy Jones.

During opening statements, prosecutors said Gantt killed Jones with a hand ax after breaking into Jones' home, then watched pornography on Jones' TV.

Man allegedly beats up friend over laundry soap

The 59-year-old woman was with Deandre Lockhart, 27, whom she described as a friend, in a coin laundry on the 2900 block of Mission Street around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, said police spokesman Sgt. Daryl Fong.

The woman began putting her laundry into a small washer, but Lockhart told her she should use a bigger one, Fong said. She stuck with her choice, and Lockhart offered to pour laundry soap into the machine for her. When she said she’d do it herself, he punched her in the head, Fong said.

The woman fell to the ground and Lockhart punched her multiple times until she lost consciousness, police said. A witness called 911, and the woman woke up as she was being tended to by medics. She is expected to survive, police said.

3 die in 8-car crash blamed on drunken driver

Three Bay Area residents on their way home from a funeral were killed in an eight-car pileup on Highway 101 in Monterey County that police are blaming on a drunken driver.

Vivian Ramirez, 42, lost control of her southbound Ford SUV, swerved across the dirt median and slammed into the family's two-car caravan near Jolon Road, said Highway Patrol Officer Zoltan Treiner.

Ramirez was intoxicated and lost control of the car after reaching for her cell phone just before the Wednesday night crash, police said.

Hand, foot and mouth disease cases at epidemic levels

The number of cases of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) surged past epidemic levels last week for the first time since 2010.

Some 815 children came down with this viral infection, far more than the 780-a-week mark indicating the onset of an epidemic.

DA: Mass. sergeant shoots officer, then kills self

BEVERLY, Mass.—An off-duty sergeant shot a police officer from a nearby town Friday night, then returned to the scene and killed himself as authorities closed in, the district attorney said.

Church 'does not own marriage'

The Church does not "own" marriage nor have the exclusive right to say who can marry, a government minister has said.

Dozens killed in Yemen car bomb attack

A car containing explosives blew up while trying to attack a presidential palace in southern Yemen, killing at least 26 people and injuring several others, according to witnesses and medics.

Father who killed son, 9, in knife attack on family 'told them people were coming to cut them up and eat them'

A man who killed his autistic son and then himself told his children that people were coming to 'cut them up and eat them' before the deadly attack, it emerged today.

William De Jesus stabbed himself and the rest of his family hours after breaking in to an elderly man's motor home and shooting him dead.

His wife has now been forbidden from seeing the couple's surviving seven-year-old son after admitting she helped De Jesus sexually abuse the boy and his brother.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Teen dies after he 'asked his friend to shoot him in the forehead'

The 21-year-old who shot his friend in the forehead but claims it was at his request now faces murder charges after his death Thursday.

Matthew Pellegrini, 18, was pulled off life support Thursday morning in a St Louis Missouri hospital just before charges to his accused shooter Kevin Beindorff were upgraded to murder.

Police are not saying why the victim may have asked to have been shot though family say he was not depressed and most likely had been joking with Beindorff.

Devil dog savages a HORSE: £20,000 champion pony dies after leg is stripped to the bone

A £20,000 champion show pony has died after being savaged by a blood-thirsty dog that broke into her field.

Prized mare Nikita was left with her back left leg stripped to the bone in places and so badly injured that she was put down by a vet minutes after she was found.

The New Forest Thoroughbred had been chased round her eight-acre field before being dragged down by her ankle.

Teenage mother stabbed her neighbour to death after his revving motorbike kept her toddler awake

A teenage mother who stabbed her neighbour in the heart after a row about his motorbike disturbing her two-year-old has been sentenced to seven years youth detention.

Katy Bown, 17, became upset that Shane Boulton, 21, was riding his trials bike in alleyways and a road beside her home as she tried to get her child to sleep.

She told Mr Boulton to keep quiet and then started arguing with his girlfriend Claire Matheson outside her home in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

Suicide Crime Scene

Some crime scenes are surreal. At a quick glance, this woman dressed in her slip appears to be casually sitting on a toilet seat with her leg crossed. What is soon apparent is that she has no head, at least no head on her neck; it is on her lap. The scene may seem to be one of a crime of passion because it is so horrific and posed. However, this woman, who lived in Brooklyn’s Eastern Parkway, blew her own head off with a powerful rifle. The blood spatter on the walls and on her crossed legs indicate she was sitting in this position when the gun went off.

Woman Dies After Savage Beating With Golf Club

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. (KTLA) -- A 51-year old woman has died after suffering critical head wounds in a savage beating with a golf club at her home.,0,3677109.story

Catawba County man pleads guilty in killing and mutilation

The 19-year-old man accused of killing his Catawba County roommate and mutilating his body with an ax will spend up to 20 years in prison.


After receiving a chilling 911 call detailing the killing, officers arrived at Starr's home, south of Hickory, where they found his body. An autopsy later revealed that he'd been stabbed 17 times, but his cause of death was listed as multiple gunshot wounds. The word "JOKER" had been carved onto his chest and abdomen, and his left ear had been cut off and one arm was nearly severed.

25-year-old man fatally shot on Burrell Street in Roxbury; fourth slaying in a week

A 25-year-old man was shot to death in Roxbury Thursday night as a spate of deadly violence continues to rock several of Boston’s communities.

Blood on the walls of Pakistan police station after suicide bombers launch assault killing four officers and wounding six

Its walls and ceiling covered in blood, this is the shocking aftermath of another suicide attack on a Pakistan police station.

Four police officers were killed today when Taliban suicide bombers armed with assault rifles and grenades attacked a large police station in the north-west of the country.

The murderous assault, which also left six officers wounded, was to avenge the death of a militant commander in a U.S. drone strike.

The attack in the city of Peshawar was the latest in a spasm of violence in the area, showing that Pakistani Taliban militants retain the capacity to strike.

Shocking CCTV images show the moment crazed commuter shoves 23-year-old woman on to Tube tracks

This is the shocking moment a crazed commuter launched an apparently random attack on a woman - pushing her on to the tracks of the London Underground.

The 23-year-old victim struck up a brief conversation with the thug and following a trivial row over the man's hat, he turned and shoved her on to the rails on the Northern Line at Leicester Square.

She only missed the live rail by inches, and was able to pull herself back onto the platform with the help of other travellers before the next train came down the platform.

Injuries to her side were so severe, witnesses initially thought she had been stabbed.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

House fire kills grandmother and four children as boy, 15, escapes with his baby sister

A grandmother and four children were killed this morning when a fire swept through their 130-year-old house in South Plainfield, New Jersey.

Another baby girl was reportedly saved when her teenage brother ran out of the burning home carrying her in his arms.

The 15-year-old apparently tried to return inside to rescue other family members, but was stopped by firefighters.

A neighbour said he heard the teenager desperately shouting 'Come out, come out, get out of the house!' after the fire broke out.

Man 'shot and killed wife while showing her his new laser gun sight as she gave their 3-year-old daughter a bath'

A convicted felon who said he accidentally shot and killed his wife while showing her his new gun was released from police questioning without any charges being filed.

William Carson Merrill, 32, told investigators that he was showing his wife of eight years the laser beam on his new gun when he accidentally shot her in the chest.

Stephanie Leslie Merrill, 30, had been giving the couple’s 3-year-old daughter a bath at the time of the incident and was found dead on the bathroom floor of their rented Palm Coast, Florida home when police arrived to the scene.

Lacrosse player who murdered girlfriend in jealous rage jailed for 26 years

A university athlete who murdered his girlfriend in a jealous rage has been sentenced to 26 years in jail in a case which shone a spotlight on the drinking culture on campuses across America.

George Huguely V was found guilty of the second degree murder of Yeardley Love following an all-day drinking spree in which he consumed more than 20 units of alcohol.

The 22-year-old lacrosse player was just two weeks from graduating when her on-off boyfriend kicked in her bedroom door and shook her violently, leaving her bleeding into her pillow.

She was found by her roommate hours later in a pool of blood at the apartment they shared near the campus of the University of Virginia.

Accused killer said she'd cut girl 'into little pieces'

BRAMPTON - It was the bloody massacre of a helpless child allegedly foretold in a short story by one of two former lovebirds now on trial for first-degree murder.

Aleksandra Firgan-Hewie was just 13 when, prosecutors say, she was lured by Michelle Liard and her boyfriend, Rafal LaSota, to his Mississauga home and viciously stabbed 37 times before her body was shoved into a garbage bag and dumped behind his backyard shed on Dec. 10, 2008.

Bronx woman arrested for stabbing a 3-month-old girl during a wild argument with the baby’s mother

A Bronx woman has been arrested for stabbing a 3-month-old baby in the head amid an argument with the child’s mother, prosecutors said.

“I hope that f---ing baby dies!” Candie Hailey-Means, 28, shouted as she plunged a blade into little Hazel Haliburton’s head, court papers show.

The toddler suffered a fractured skull, a black eye and other injuries during the attack on Friday. She remains hospitalized at Lincoln Medical Center, but doctors expect she will survive, sources told the Daily News Wednesday.

Two American soldiers shot dead by Afghan man dressed as soldier upset by Koran burning

Two American troops were gunned down by a man wearing an Afghan uniform in eastern Afghanistan Thursday, a U.S. official said Thursday.

Mohammad Hassan, a local Afghan leader in Nangarhar province, says the shooting occurred outside an American base in the province during a riot against the Koran burnings. He says the gunman was an Afghan soldier.

Two relatives charged in death by dehydration of 9-year-old Alabama girl, Savannah Hardin

Two people were charged with murder after authorities say they ran a 9-year-old Alabama girl to death — as punishment for eating a candy bar on a school bus.

Authorities say that Savannah Hardin's stepmother, Jessica Hardin, and grandmother Joyce Hardin Garrard, told her to run for three hours after they caught her lying about eating the candy.

Redondo Beach Murder Suspect Kills Himself in Utah Standoff

REDONDO BEACH, Calif. (KTLA) -- A man believed to have killed his estranged wife at an apartment in Redondo Beach was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after a three-hour standoff with police in Utah Wednesday night.,0,5078811.story

Police: 1-Year-Old Boy Drowns In Baptismal Pool

INDIANAPOLIS -- A 1-year-old boy in day care drowned in a baptismal pool at a church on Indianapolis' northwest side Wednesday, police said.

Officers were called to the Praise Fellowship Assembly of God at 6700 N. Michigan Road just before 2 p.m.

Police said a boy in day care at the church was found in about two feet of water in the uncovered pool.

He was taken to St. Vincent Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Top court upholds death sentence for man who killed 2 when he was minor

The Supreme Court on Monday upheld the death sentence for a man who killed a young mother and her baby daughter when he was a minor, ending years of campaigning by the victim’s husband.

The decision closes a case that captured the public’s imagination as the distraught father and husband Hiroshi Motomura fought for years to bring the killer to justice.


Presiding Justice Seishi Kanetsuki said the death penalty was inevitable for Takayuki Otsuki, who was 18 when he raped and killed 23-year-old Yayoi Motomura before strangling to death her 11-month-old daughter Yuka on April 14, 1999, in Hikari City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Man fatally stabs father over TV channel argument

TOKYO — Police said Tuesday they have arrested a man for allegedly fatally stabbing his father over a TV program dispute at their home in Tokyo’s Toshima ward on Monday.

According to police, a woman called 110 at 3:30 p.m. and said that her son had stabbed her husband with a knife, NTV reported.

Paramedics found Mitsuo Kubota, 76, lying on the floor, having sustained multiple stab wounds to his chest and torso. His 50-year-old son, Hiroshi, reportedly confessed to stabbing his father with a kitchen knife and was arrested at the scene for attempted murder, NTV reported.

Man rammed ex-wife’s car, shot her six times in self-defense

Jerry L. Hudson shot his unarmed, ex-wife to death in her car outside the Oak Brook hotel where she was staying with her new boyfriend, but it wasn’t murder, Hudson’s attorney argued Wednesday.

Hudson fired six shots at 45-year-old Melissa Bridgewater in self-defense, defense attorney John Lyke Jr. told a DuPage County jury as Hudson’s trial began.

“This is not a case of who done it. This is a case of why did he do it,” Lyke said, acknowledging that Hudson carried out the Jan. 1, 2010, shooting in the upscale western suburb.

Hudson gunned down his former wife during a nasty, early-morning altercation in the darkened parking lot because he thought she was reaching into her center console for a pistol, Lyke argued.

At least 60 killed in Baghdad bomb attacks

Simultaneous early morning attacks on mostly Shiite targets across Iraq killed at least 60 people and wounded dozens on Thursday in one of the bloodiest days of violence since US troops pulled out in mid-December.

Dad charged in death of 11-week-old daughter

Richard Randazzo, 31, sat quietly as the case against him was laid out in Camden County court. He is charged with murder.

"She had broken bones in both legs, both arms, her ribs and her skull," said Camden County Prosecutor Christine Shah.

Prosecutors say Randazzo told police he was alone with baby Ashley last Thursday, bouncing her on his knee, when she started to cough and then went limp. He also allegedly told them that, a week earlier, the baby had slipped out of his arms and fell down a flight of stairs and he then tripped and fell on her.

Man, 73, guns down love rival, 62, who was sleeping with his wife, 49

A 73-year-old gunman entangled in a love triangle shot and killed the treasurer of a remote-controlled airplane club, 62, who police said was having an affair with the estranged wife of the attacker.

Before turning the gun on himself Tuesday, Robert Gully chased the woman from a parking lot into the lobby of a building where the club was meeting.

He fired multiple times but failed to hit her, Sacramento police Sgt. Andrew Pettit said.

Christian pastor sentenced to death in Iran for refusing to renounce his faith could be hanged 'at any time without warning'

A Christian pastor who converted from Islam is to be put to death for leaving Islam following the ruling of an Iranian court, it was reported today.

Youcef Nadarkhani, 34, was arrested more than two years ago on charges of apostasy, and has now been sentenced to death by an Iranian court for refusing to renounce his Christianity, according to the pastor's legal team.

The father-of-two had defied a request by the Gilan provincial court, in Rasht, Iran, to repent, and now faces death by hanging.

Christian care worker who refused to work on Sundays because of her faith loses religious discrimination case

A devout Christian care worker who lost her case for religious discrimination after refusing to work Sundays plans to appeal against the decision.

Six swans found decapitated and butchered for their breast meat in city park

Six swans have been decapitated and butchered for their breast meat, it was revealed today.

The royally protected birds were found by rangers at Alvaston Park in Derbyshire last week. Police believe they were killed for food.

Patrols are being stepped up to protect other swans which legally belong to the Queen, with offenders caught harming them facing a £5,000 fine or six months jail.

Seven U.S. Marines killed when helicopters collide mid-air during night-time training exercise

Seven Marines were killed last night when their Cobra and Huey helicopters collided mid-air during an evening training exercise in the U.S.

The U.S. Marines from the 3rd Marine Airwing unit in Miramar, California, were training near Yuma, Arizona, after dark on Wednesday at 8pm.

There were no survivors, the crash is being investigated and the identities of those killed will be released once families have been told.

Father's horror at finding daughter, two, hanging from window blind cord in her bedroom

A father told today of the harrowing moment he found his toddler hanging from a window blind cord in her bedroom.

Jamie Warner, 30, went to check on his two-year-old daughter Emily and thought she was standing on her bed to look out of the window.

It was only after he told her to get down and got no response that he moved closer and found her unconscious with the loop string from the vertical window blind tangled around her neck.

Mother and son jailed for starving dogs and locking them in an attic for weeks

A mother and son have been jailed after they imprisoned two dogs in an attic and nailed it shut.

Rottweiler Axel and Staffordshire bull terrier Bully were starved and denied water and exercise for weeks before they died in agony, emaciated and dehydrated, a court heard.

Jamie Taylor, 31, and his mother Julie, 50, were each jailed for 16 weeks and disqualified from keeping animals for life after causing 'horrendous suffering' to the pets.

'I love you, Mum': Last heartbreaking text from boy, 16, who jumped 500ft to his death at Beachy Head

A 16-year-old boy threw himself to his death from 500ft cliffs at Beachy Head after sending his mother a final text message saying 'I love you, Mum', an inquest heard today.

The body of Nikolas Brkic, from St John's Wood in North London, was found at the base of the cliffs near Eastbourne, East Sussex, by coastguard teams on routine patrol.

A hand-written note was found on the Croatian-born student, along with his contact details.

Modern art Jesus on the cross sculpture is made entirely of coat hangers

A sculpture of Jesus on the cross made entirely from wire coat hangers has been put on display at Southwark Cathedral.

Tuner Prize nominee David Mach's piece, entitled Die Harder, depicts the figure of Christ screaming in agony.

The dramatic sculpture was made from 3,000 coat hangers with the hooks straightened so they appear to be sticking out of the body.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ohio Woman's Breast Implant Exploded During Domestic Assault

FEBRUARY 21--An Ohio man beat his girlfriend so severely that one of the woman’s breast implants exploded during the weekend assault, police report.

Samuel Cole, 60, was arrested for felony assault after he allegedly punched and choked the victim during a confrontation Sunday morning. Cole, pictured in the adjacent mug shot, also allegedly stomped the woman so hard that her implant burst, according to cops.

Man dies after being hit by hospital door

The patient, whose gender has not been revealed, was leaving Danderyd Hospital north of Stockholm after a follow-up visit when the person was knocked backwards after crashing into a windowless automatic door.

The patient’s head then hit the reception desk, dropping the patient to the floor and leaving the person bloody and unconscious.

The automatic door was reportedly set off by someone who was on their way into the hospital, and then hit the patient who was not expecting the door to move.

Germany told to stop sex offender castration

The Council of Europe's anti-torture committee on Wednesday urged Germany to abolish the surgical castration of sex offenders, warning that the operation could amount to "degrading treatment."

Train wreck in Argentina kills 49 commuters, injures 550

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — A packed train slammed into the end of the line in Buenos Aires' busy Once station Wednesday, killing 49 people and injuring hundreds of morning commuters in Argentina's worst train accident in decades.

3 dead in collision that closes Highway 180 east of Mendota

Three people are dead following a fiery collision this morning between a big rig and a vehicle that has closed Highway 180 four miles east of Mendota.

4-Year-Old Died From Trauma To Head, Neck

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. -- A 4-year-old Commerce City boy died from blunt force trauma to the head and neck, and his grandmother has been formally charged with first-degree murder, authorities said Tuesday.


The first-degree murder charge means that Trujillo could face the death penalty in the death of her grandson, Gabriel Trujillo.

2 Dead In Colorado Springs Shooting At Home

A 29-year-old man and 27-year-old woman were found dead in the home at 9108 Chieftan Dr. at about 6 p.m., according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Police said three children, all under 10 years of age, were home at the time of the shooting, but they were not hurt. They were found in the basement of the home.

Fort Lee hit-and-run suspect Charles Ann accused of running down girlfriend

FORT LEE — A 26-year-old man is charged with first degree murder for allegedly running down his girlfriend with his car after she tried to break up with him, police said Tuesday.

Aena Hong, 25, died Monday of injuries sustained in the attack, and her former boyfriend, Charles J. Ann, is being held on $3 million bail for allegedly running her over — repeatedly — when she tried to end their "tumultuous dating relationship," Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli said.

Man denies killing 6, including 4 homeless men

Santa Ana -- A man accused of killing six people - four homeless men and a mother and her son - pleaded not guilty Tuesday in a Santa Ana courtroom.


Ocampo is accused of stabbing four homeless men to death from Dec. 20, 2011, to Jan. 13, when he was chased by bystanders into a restaurant parking lot after a fourth victim was killed. Ocampo was arrested that night.

Two weeks later, police announced Ocampo was a suspect in the slayings of a woman and her son nearly two months before the killings of the homeless men began.

Man allegedly raped maid and threw her out of window

A man forced his way into a neighbour's flat, raped the maid twice and then threw her out of a second-floor window, the High Court was told on Monday.

The woman survived, and identified the jobless 44-year-old as her assailant.


The Indonesian woman was 26 when she was attacked in 2009. The man allegedly raped her, cut her with a pair of scissors and tried to strangle her with some raffia string before throwing her out of a window of the flat.

Six dead in Afghanistan Koran burning protests

At least six people have been killed and dozens injured in Afghanistan after protests spread over the burning of copies of the Koran at a US airbase.

Family starves to death in Japanese apartment

Japanese police says they have discovered the emaciated bodies of an elderly couple and their adult son who apparently starved to death in their apartment north of Tokyo.


Police say it appears the three starved to death, with the only food in the apartment a few lollies, and the only money the equivalent of a few cents.

'There's black people, then there's n*****s': Teenage girls forced to drop out of school after posting racist rant online

Two teenage girls were forced to drop out of their high school in Gainesville, Florida, when they began getting death threats after they posted a 15-minute racist rant about 'black people.'

In the disturbing video, the girls cheerily complain about the African-American students in their classes and drag out a litany traditional racist stereotypes. They broadly characterize 'them' as 'stupid' and 'ignorant' people who survive on welfare.

'There's black people, they're fine. They're educated they go to school they do what they have to do. Then there's n******s who can't talk right, they keep having kids, they can't get jobs,' the first girl says.

'Gay slayer' Colin Ireland who tortured homosexual men to death dies in jail

A former soldier who was told he would never be released from jail after being convicted of torturing gay men to death almost 20 years ago has died in jail.

Colin Ireland, 57, is presumed to have died from natural causes in the healthcare centre of Wakefield Prison in West Yorkshire this morning, a Prison Service spokeswoman said.

One of Britain's worst serial killers, Ireland admitted attacking and killing five gay men he met in London pubs in 1993.

Polish farm worker 'tried to tear out woman's beating heart with his bare hands' after stab attack

A woman has described how a Polish farm worker tried to rip out her heart 'like one of his pigs' after he stabbed her in the chest.

Christine Seymour recounted the horrifying moment she felt Andrzej Chranowski push his hands inside her knife wound in an apparent attempt to tear out her vital organ.

Chranowski, 34, claimed to be suffering from a 'short-term psychotic episode' when he pounced on Miss Seymour with a pair of surgical scissors.

After stabbing her, he then carried the 59-year-old into her rented property and dumped her on her bed shouting: 'Just lie there and die.'

Miraculously, Miss Seymour survived the brutal attack after life-saving surgery.

Grief-stricken father hanged himself 18 months after his 'bullied' son's suicide

A heartbroken father hanged himself 18 months after his 'bullied' son committed suicide by jumping off a six-storey building, an inquest heard.

Roger Crouch killed himself after leaving a final farewell message to friends and family on Facebook.

The 55-year-old wrote on the social networking website 'Au Revoir, so long - or maybe A Bientot' before taking his own life in the garage of his home, the inquest in Gloucester was told.

Five dead after murder-suicide at health spa in Atlanta suburb

Five people have died following a shooting at a health spa in what appears to be a murder-suicide, it has emerged.

Four people were found already dead when police officers arrived at Su Jung Beauty Health and Sauna in Norcross, Georgia, last night.

A fifth victim was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Former bouncer raped and murdered his own cousin's pregnant girlfriend before stabbing her in the stomach to kill her unborn baby

A former nightclub bouncer was today jailed for life for raping and murdering a young mother-to-be in her home just two weeks before she was due to give birth.

Heavily pregnant Nikitta Grender, 19, was repeatedly stabbed in an attack by Carl Whant in her flat.

Tattooed Whant raped Miss Grender, who was the girlfriend of his closest friend and cousin Ryan Mayes, then slashed her throat and stabbed her in the abdomen.

In an attempt to disguise his crimes, he then set fire to her home in Newport, south Wales, which was ready for the imminent arrival of baby Kelsey May.

The blaze also claimed the life of Miss Grender's pet dog which was discovered burning by a frantic neighbour.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Syrian forces pound Homs, '27 civilians killed'

DAMASCUS: Syrian forces killed at least 27 civilians on Tuesday, including 16 in the shelling of neighbourhoods in Homs, monitors said, as regime forces massed around the flashpoint city raising fears of an imminent ground attack.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said three children and a woman were among 16 people who died in "intensive shelling" that targeted the Homs neighbourhood of Baba Amr.

Dead baby found at landfill site

A newborn baby girl was found dead on Sunday afternoon by a passer-by at a landfill site in Wimmis, central Switzerland.

Babysitter beat 9-year-old to death with brick, dismembered her with hacksaw

Tuesday, December 27, 2011, 3:47 PM

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — A babysitter and trusted neighbor has confessed that he bludgeoned a 9-year-old Indiana girl to death with a brick then dismembered her, hiding her head, hands and feet at a home where he was staying and dumping the rest of her remains nearby, police said Tuesday.

Justice Story: ‘Queens creeper’ Joseph Baldi kills 4 women — 3 after he was freed from Creedmoor

Knife-wielding maniac reached through windows to kill Areti Koularmanis, Camille Perniola, Clara Toriello and Debbie Januszko

Berkeley man, 67, slain outside his house in hills

Residents of the tranquil Berkeley hills were in shock Sunday after police described a horrific slaying, with a homeowner beaten after confronting a young man - an apparent stranger - who had trespassed onto his property.

Authorities did not identify the victim, but neighbors and public records indicated that the owner of the home where the Saturday night killing occurred was Peter Cukor, 67, who owned a logistics consulting firm. His family declined to talk.

3 killed, 4 injured in car accident involving 83-yr-old driver

According to police, the accident took place at around 6 p.m. at an intersection on Route 40 when the 83-year-old driver of a car containing six passengers attempted to turn right and was hit by an oncoming truck, TV Asahi reported.

Police said three passengers were killed at the time of the collision, two women in their 70s and one 82-year-old man. Four others are reported to have sustained injuries, some of them serious.

Man charged with stabbing 70-year-old woman to death in Dorchester home while young child in house

Police said they were called to 45 Codman Hill Ave. to investigate a break-in around 1:43 a.m. today. Arriving officers found the body of the woman, who had been stabbed multiple times.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Husband killed wife in front of 300 guests, court told

A man accused of stabbing his wife to death at a crowded function at the Adelaide Convention Centre has gone on trial for murder.

The prosecution said he was a violent and abusive husband who wanted to make his wife pay for leaving him.

Dismembered dogs found in Coatesville home

Officials say the scene inside was dark and disturbing with elements of witchcraft and the occult on vivid display.

In the living room, investigators say they found two dog skulls and a dog skeleton that had been gold-leafed.

They then walked into the kitchen and found two dog skeletons on the counter and a dog's head in the freezer.

Authorities say the scene was even more sickening when they walked into the home's backyard.

They found dog fragments charred in a fire pit and chicken parts hanging from a tree. Two live chickens and another dog head were also found in the back.

Officials say they found books on witchcraft and the occult, as well as marijuana, a gun, and various knives and machetes.

Teenager dies after drinking Four Loko when he opened car door to throw up, fell out and was hit by oncoming traffic

A 13-year-old boy who died falling out of a moving car while throwing up after being fatally stuck by a passing vehicle was drinking controversial alcoholic beverage Four Loko.

Eighth-grader Michael Truluck, of Baltimore County, Maryland, got his hands on the drink that was banned in nearby Baltimore City for its potent mix of caffeine and alcohol.

The drink was removed from shelves while makers distributed a caffeine-free version, after a series of legal claims it caused irreparable side-effects.

F*** you, you son of a b****, now it’s my turn!': What, one tough old guy, 90, said as he returned fire on burglar who'd shot him in the face

A 90-year-old man who was shot in the face by an alleged burglar has told how he returned fire saying: 'Now it’s my turn.'

Jay Leone of Greenbrae California told a court he didn't even realize he had been shot when he blasted his alleged attacker.

'To tell you the truth, I never felt a thing,' he said.

Girl, 15, locked in basement reveals years of abuse from her family for first time

-Malnourished teen found wandering streets in pyjamas

-Tells of 'mental and sexual abuse' in court documents

-'Made to perform oral sex on her stepbrother since 10'

-'Was forced to eat her own faeces and drink urine'

-Claims she had to scavenge scraps from garbage

-She weighed 70lbs while her father weighs 240lbs and her stepmother 370lbs

11 children found neglected and abused in Texas home as some- including a blind 5-year-old girl and two other toddlers- were 'tied up to their beds'

Three of the 11 children found living in a Texas home with a sex offender were tied up when protective services took them into custody.

One of those children who was tied to her dirty bed was a five-year-old blind girl, and the other two were 2-year-old boys.

The children- nine of whom were between the ages of five months and 5 years old and the other two of whom were ages 8 and 11- were being neglected and abused in a house with 10 adults including their grandparents who owned the home.

Man stays in motel room with girlfriend's corpse for TWO DAYS

A man has been arrested after he stayed in a motel room with his girlfriend's corpse for two days.

Rather than alerting authorities when Nancy Johnston died, Derek Tanke, 47, allegedly stole her debit card to buy vodka and pay for two more days in the Joliet, Illinois motel.

He called 911 minutes before he was due to check out and when police arrived, they noted 'a significant odour of decomposition'.

Amateur daredevil, 22, becomes first couch-surfer to die in new craze after crashing into car while being pulled along by van

A 22-year-old man has died after crashing into an oncoming car while 'couch-surfing' along a country road.

François Hallé was riding on the sofa, which had been placed on top of a sled and tied to the back of a van, when the driver lost control and forced him into the opposite lane.

A 21-year-old man has been accused of dangerous driving, causing death, fleeing the scene of an accident and criminal negligence causing death.

Four college roommates killed in horrific car crash while driving back to school during snowstorm

Four students died in a horrific car crash during a snow storm while traveling back to college after visiting their family over the holiday weekend.

Roommates Danielle Renninger, Megan Sample, both 18, Jordan Playle, 19, and Lauren Peterson, 18, who was driving the vehicle, died when they were driving back to North Dakota State University on Monday.

Michelle Renninger of Excelsior says her 18-year-old daughter, Danielle, and three other Minnesota friends died when their car crossed the median on Interstate 94 and was broadsided by an SUV on Monday afternoon.

Toddler, 2, died in agony when he mistook plant food for a Fruit Shoot squash drink after 'his mother used HIS bedroom to grow cannabis'

-Aaron Booth died 11 days after drinking the toxic liquid

-The dehydrated child hadn't had a drink since the previous day

-He suffered agonising internal burns and a collapsed lung

-His 23-year-old mother slept with her boyfriend until lunchtime

-Jury hears she had turned his room into a cannabis factory to 'make money'

Monday, February 20, 2012

Drug dealers, backstreet abortionists and a deadly femme fatale: Fascinating mugshots of women prisoners from 1920s Australia

They were some of Australia's shadiest sheilas.

Murderers, bigamists, cocaine dealers and back street abortionists, all manner of vampish villain and fallen floozy scooped off the streets and photographed for police files. Their blank expressions hiding a catalogue of appalling crimes.

The incredible pictures - part of a collection of 2500 mugshots taken by New South Wales Police Department photographers between 1910 and 1930 - give a fascinating glimpse into the role of women in the seedy underbelly of early 20th century Australian life.

There is 32-year-old Dorothy Mort. She may look harmless but behind that innocent-looking face lurks a terrifying femme fatale who turned to murder when her toyboy lover starred into her dark eyes and said their affair was over.

Dorothy Mort, 32, shot her young lover, Dr Claude Tozer, dead on December 21, 1921, after he tried to end their romance. She was arrested after a failed suicide bid

Driver, 21, faces three decades in prison after 'handing car keys to boyfriend - who turned out to be drunk as well and killed two young men'

A 21-year-old drunk woman who allegedly asked her also-drunk boyfriend to drive her home in her car could be facing up to 30 years in jail.

Erin Brown allegedly wanted Trevor Bradshaw, 23, to drive her Toyota Scion in Nashville, Tennessee, but he fatally hit two young men and a taxi.

She was a passenger on the night last December but, in a city first, has been charged along with Bradshaw with vehicular homicide and assault.

Four U.S. servicemen killed after reconnaissance plane crashes close to Somalia border

Four American servicement have died after a plane crash in Africa, the military announced today.

The reconnaissance flight was just six miles from the U.S. base in Djibouti when it came down on its way back from a mission in Afghanistan.

The crash occurred at about 8 pm on Saturday, and personnel from Camp Lemonnier in the tiny Horn of Africa nation raced out to the scene.

Estranged boyfriend 'kidnapped teen mom and her infant daughter shooting them dead before turning gun on himself'

A registered New York sex offender kidnapped his estranged girlfriend at gunpoint in Ohio along with her one-year-old she was pushing in a stroller.

Thomas Lorde, Latasha Jackson, and her infant daughter Chaniya Wynn were found shot to death hours later in an apparent murder-suicide.

Cleveland police said the couple had dated for about two months and that Jackson, 19, was trying to end the relationship.

International rugby referee who taught at exclusive school throws his baby son off a bridge before jumping to his own death

An international rugby referee who taught at an exclusive school threw his baby son from a bridge today before jumping to his own death, it has emerged.

Jason Lees, 40, threw his two-year-old son from Brisbane's 243ft-high Story Bridge, then jumped to his own death, landing in parkland on the banks of the Brisbane River.

Mr Lees taught at the Anglican Church Grammar School in the city and was also an International Seven's Rugby Union referee.

More assisted suicides in 2011: report

The number of assisted deaths carried out by the Swiss association Dignitas rose by 35 percent last year, it was reported on Sunday.

A total of 144 people ended their lives in 2011 with the help of the clinic based in the canton of Zurich, according to police figures quoted by the Sonntags Zeitung newspaper.

Whitney Houston 'chose death': Swedish politician

Whitney Houston was an “awful mother” who “chose drugs and death” and thus doesn’t deserve all the media attention being devoted to her death, a local Swedish politician has argued.


While Holmlund admitted Houston was a “good singer” and that he even owned a few of her albums, he felt that the media had gone too far in exalting Houston and her apparently fatal drug addiction.

“Now the media is glorifying someone who couldn’t take care of her daughter, but instead drew her child into drug addiction,” wrote Holmlund.

“What an awful mother who didn’t see to it that her daughter didn’t follow in her footsteps.”

The politician argued that addicts can’t “blame anyone but themselves” for their problems.

Prison fight kills 44 in Mexico

MEXICO CITY - At least 44 people died in a fight between rival gangs at an overcrowded prison in northern Mexico in a violent outbreak that authorities said could have been a distraction that allowed some inmates to escape.

Victims were beaten, stabbed and stoned when the fight broke out on Sunday. Inmates at the prison in Monterrey, about 140 miles from the border with Texas, include members of Mexico's Gulf cartel as well as the feared Zetas cartel.

Avalanche near popular ski resort in Washington state kills three

STEVENS PASS, Wash. - Three skiers were killed Sunday when an avalanche swept them about a quarter-mile down an out-of-bounds canyon at a popular resort, but a fourth skier caught up in the slide was saved by a safety device, authorities said.

Man admits burning wife alive

Ranjeeta Sharma attempted to revoke a protection order against her husband three days before firefighters found her burning body on a rural Waikato roadside as he was preparing to flee the country.

Yesterday in the High Court at Hamilton, Diwesh Kumar Sharma, 30, pleaded guilty to murdering Mrs Sharma on January 20 last year.

His 28-year-old wife was still alive when he poured an accelerant over her and set her on fire 10km from Huntly.

5 people hurt in hit-and-run crash

A mother, her three children and her boyfriend were injured in a traffic crash when a hit-and-run driver apparently ran a red light, and his vehicle slammed into their car on the 610 Loop service road in southeast Houston late Sunday night.


Police said the driver of the pickup ran away after the crash. According to other media reports, police are questioning a person of interest in the case.

2 Killed, 4 Injured In Small Plane Crash West Of Steamboat

HAYDEN, Colo. -- Two people were killed and four injured when a twin-engine plane crashed just short of the runway in a heavy snowstorm at Yampa Valley Regional Airport in Routt County on Sunday.

Police identify hit-and-run driver killed in downtown KC crash

A 21-year-old man died when he ran a red light and crashed into another vehicle in downtown Kansas City over the weekend.

Police said the man, identified Sunday as Leon D. Grant, died after he made a pair of U-turns and sped away from the first of two collisions.

14-year-old boy stabs mother after she confiscates video game

According to police, an emergency call was received at around 5:40 p.m. Sunday from a woman who told the operator that her son had stabbed her, TBS reported. Paramedics rushed to the scene and found the woman had been stabbed in the back with a kitchen knife.

Following his arrest, the junior high school student was quoted by police as saying that he lost his temper because his mother took away a video game he had bought without telling her, TBS reported.