Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Polish farm worker 'tried to tear out woman's beating heart with his bare hands' after stab attack

A woman has described how a Polish farm worker tried to rip out her heart 'like one of his pigs' after he stabbed her in the chest.

Christine Seymour recounted the horrifying moment she felt Andrzej Chranowski push his hands inside her knife wound in an apparent attempt to tear out her vital organ.

Chranowski, 34, claimed to be suffering from a 'short-term psychotic episode' when he pounced on Miss Seymour with a pair of surgical scissors.

After stabbing her, he then carried the 59-year-old into her rented property and dumped her on her bed shouting: 'Just lie there and die.'

Miraculously, Miss Seymour survived the brutal attack after life-saving surgery.

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